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  • Hey smurff, i live in st. albert, i sled mostly in McBride/valmount. Not sure where to quad yet though, just moved to st. albert so i havent been anywhere around here yet. plus i dont know anyone haha
    heh anything up this weekend got a buddy stayin for a couple weeks down from prince george was thinking of taking him out this wekend to swan or something let me know wuz up.
    Sorry that I could not make it over last night... I heard that you got it running, are you going to take it for a test drive tonight? call me if you are.
    where r u i thought u guys were always on here wtf got the acreage insp. went good so it pretty much a done deal now. 75 acres of pure snowy bliss awsome. when we get r new number we will let u know. oh yeh weres my pic am i not a friend?
    Hey do you and Cory want to get some lunch on friday or what? Oh and how about the sled show? Friday night? Man I can't wait for snow.
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