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  • sending flowers to arffs mom, she's in red deer hospital, all of us split $10 from suds buds.
    Will do. He is busy with the shop and racing. He is off to Ashcroft this weekend for racing.
    Hey, how are the zillas for hill climbing? There are some posts syaing they suck, also they puncture easily? your thought please?
    Hi there,
    Been reading lots of your posts on RZR's & I followedd your build over on the RZR site. Looking at getting one myself this year & wonder what is the best year of the used ones to find if possible? What are they issues the older ones had that I should stay away from or ask if its been upgraded?

    Thanks for any help.

    Mark , Cold Lake , Ab
    do you know who this cyle fellow is Neville? jeez he kinda makes me want to bash my head against a wall lol
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