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    Is America Ready to Self Destruct?

    You mean like the way JT bullied the carbon tax on all provinces.... Lol
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    Repairing Trails

    70 ish HP would be fine . Remember you have the ability to move dirt & clay quite a ways by bucket with a CTL. You can not do that with a mini exc., so filling holes with dry clay would be tough in spots . Both would be handy , but you would be surprised what a Ctl can do & dig with right...
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    Repairing Trails

    A six way dozer blade would be handy as well ( heavy duty )
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    Repairing Trails

    I would go the route of a tracked skid steer with a stump removal bucket , and regular bucket ... Way to slow on a small hoe . I use Both a lot and 95% of what you want can be done with a tracked skid steer with right attachments.
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    North Korea

    North Korea is not the problem ( to defeat easily),rather what would be China's stance on post defeat US relations! That has saved NK azz ,up until now ....
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    Great comparision

    Rode with a new turbo rzr all weekend ...( and X3S & turbo mav ) Very impressive. A fair bit different than the X3s , more similar to my mav. Turbo old style .... None the less , the turbos are the way to go ... Incredible power to launch in just a few feet !
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    OHV ban on public land during due to high fire risk

    Very very wet out west
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    OHV ban on public land during due to high fire risk

    Not in our area's still retry wet actually.. 1.75 inchs
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    definition of irony

    Wish them sledders would step up [emoji12]
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    definition of irony

    That's a little presumptuous.. Could of been lightning / campers / other atvs Thank goodness they got it out ...!
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    Best used diesel?

    Seems like the dura max sure hold their value ... The cummins not quite as much .... The fords / can't give them away .
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    OHV ban on public land during due to high fire risk

    Lots of rain out west today .. that helps . But a long hot spell in the forecast ahead .
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    Where to ride around Hinton

    Packed up and headed out there for a few days ... Do in some "splorin"
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