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  • Yeah Larry taking oil orders now, I figure a few days and I can just go down to the river by my house for ya, collection jugs and Geiger counter in hand :)
    Ya pretty sure it wont happen to mine lol.It will take me most places i think..Ahh the hand is till sore,,hopefully in a couple weeks it wont bug me much,,,,i hope...
    Hey, we're HTR a graphic design company specializing in custom sled and quad wraps. Just thought I'd say hello. Check out our wall and Facebook page for upcoming specials!
    Hope you're rippin it up this season!
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    HTRDESIGNS | Facebook
    I just got a 2008 M 1000 interested in putting a tether switch on it. Could you please tell me how you did it eliminating the key? Thanks,
    Wow how time flies eh! I remember Mike, I hung out with him a few times when we were kids! I knew your Dad as well. Are your folks still in GF. Mine are :) You have grown up tonnes by the looks of things :)
    Hey can you send me some pics of the steering post job you did?? I have a 09 M8 i am switching back to the fixed post. My email is thanks trevor
    I have an 08 as well. Yeah im in red deer. just got back from Quartz creek outside of golden. We ride up in revvy alot also. Usaully around xmas Nordegg has about 4ft of snow and we ride every other day out there
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