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  • no,not member of BTW anymore, was. dont have a trike anymore,bought a 05 Gold wing with a CSC Trike kit that was rolled, fixed all mechanical and sold it,checked with my insurance co. rediculous,
    Hi Ken
    Are you a member of the club?The pictures in the show me your bike thread are all club members in the Ontario chapter.I do know of two or three bikes that are being built right now that are homebuilt but the insurance is stupid here and runs about $2000.00 a year.There are a few deals around but mostly show insurance only.It's the reason there are not many being built.
    I truly like your response in the car bike thread.Unless you have built or worked on a homebuilt trike you can't imagine the problemsw that can come up.
    In a lot of cases it's not the money as much as it is having something totally different.The one you built looked great.Good job on it
    Hey Ken, i'm just in the middle of getting it back on the snow, but its a 97 summit 670. its older but im getting married in like fifty days so money is tight.
    Are Corey and Kenny on here?
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