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  • Losing hair? carbs are a bitch sometimes. got the programmer in the grizz and went from one end of the scale to the other. plugs are blacker than toby's ass now. The directions that came with r so vague its retarded. ended up coming home and learning online, and i also remembered i turned fuel up to 100 might have something to do with it. fix tomorrow i guess shouldn't take long.
    I never had any Luck with the dynojet needles put the stock back in with a couple ten thou shims and as for jets try going up a size can't remember what I'm running
    U figure anything out on your ride yet? I posted on hagmanmod1's page to seee if he knows what he's running on his brute.
    Hey man thinkin one should check out the Harmon valley ride on may 9th see what its all about. heard its supposed to be good.
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