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    what are you listening to.... RIGHT NOW????

    listening to Clint East wood in his High em High Movie. and hour before watched a 2020 movie Mercury Plains with his son Scott Eastwood..wasnt very good..
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    Inflation much?

    he dropped ours because our combined income was $36,700 last yr..poverty income is $36,000 here? we live on end of a street with 16 low income Natives in them that get average of $2500 each adult and free housing..when i was still working seasonal up to 2019 we needed extra hand for a few...
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    Inflation much?

    Trudope lowered our Seniors Benifits to $640 a month was $960 till few months ago. i worked part time last yr and made too much,. doesnt pay to work apparently?? and my CPP is only $340 because i was self employe most of my life and my accountant never paid into it.good thing the wife was a...
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    Need help with a ET 250
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    91 phazer with 20k km. is this a problem ?

    my 92 Indy 500 EFI had 21,000 when it burnt in my shop.i knew the previous 2 owners well..
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    new 15 in centre drive track

    this is a 58 window .track that was used on many 60s and early 70s snowmobiles..i had 3 of these..used one on a old Yamaha and i sent one to Brantford Purolater for $110 2 yrs i can send this anywhere you like.for extra shipping.. $200 for the track. my phone is 780-778-2505...
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    first ride on old Polaris

    i sold it to a fellow that has a electric start 440 motor he is going to put in.
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    whats the smoothest riding sled out there Gang?

    i had a nice Arctic cat 660 4 stroke 3 yrs ago..quiet,rode ok.but i went off the trail and got it stuck and needed 3 guys to get it out..but should have kept it..would have run forever.
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    Oldest sled you've ridden?

    started in 67 on a new 66 Olympic that our family doctor let me ride . my first one i bought myself was a new 70 Rupp 28 sprint. then a new Ski doo Elan..then a new 73 ski doo Olympic.. .that was my last new one.Old ones ever since ,bought our 78 ET 250 in about 83 without a hood..owners kid...
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    whats the smoothest riding sled out there Gang?

    yes,,trails only,i tryed the mountains once,,scared the bee jeesus out of me.. i had a nice 96 Polaris 488 touring 2 up.but wife says she wont ride much and she dies her 250 ET is good enough, we will give those to grankids.anyway.i have a friend here with 2 600 Rush Pols..will ask if can trt...
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    whats the smoothest riding sled out there Gang?

    i thought someone would say a Polaris Rush..i heard they were best of all Pols?
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    whats the smoothest riding sled out there Gang?

    you know me little by now.. we have had our ET 250 since 82 . then i get one or two fixer uppers a yr,but after getting hit by that pickup May 2020 i cant ride the old ones..too rough..I am getting the law suit settlement soon my lawyer says..and wife says If i have to keep sledding..get...
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    Desperate For A Hood

    call Randy at RPM in Whitecourt..he has a beautiful hood hanging on wall.. 780-706-2411 or Calvin in Edson 780-712-3999 780-723-7812
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    1980 7500 -9500 Blizzard Operators Manual

    $30 with mail cost
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    Oldest sled you've ridden?

    1959 Polaris rear engine Autoboggan
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