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  • wiley is this dreammy?
    liely,,,,check the vid, i got ur over the bars death booter on there, looks like it hurts lol,,, no matter how many times i watch it i still crack up
    Nice, good ol 340. Im out tonight for a couple weeks. Get out and slay that new fresh, everywheres sick right now
    u bet Jay I ride every sunday and weather dictates where i go....I also like to go the odd mondays..........keep in touch B
    well if ur sleds broke y you makin plans to ride cocksmoker? whats a matter, the carb/stalling issue? gitter fixed cause the time ta ride is real soon
    hey i owe ya 20 from your fag team laying the pipe to my homo team,,,,,,at least i'll get first pic in the draft...if thats something to look forward too......
    wens the next ride??? keep askin slut but hes good at ignorin so ill try u lol
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