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  • asked Jay where and when we are going out when I get there. He said it's up to me, well he forgets i'm 6 hours away and don't know the snow conditions there. Would like to go to Crowfoot if its not foggy. I would like to ride a couple of days, mabey Sunpeaks the next day.
    Hey hows it going Brian ? Where is Mike @ ? I will be in Revy Thurs night Nov. 29 to ride Fri & Sat. There is 3 of us and you are more than welcome to join if you want. Taker easy
    All paid and ready to go. What's up with you guy's sticking me with Rob for the weekend. Ha Ha Looking forward to sleding with you guys.
    hey bri weather is getting colder down here. You guys will have to bring your sleds down here, I have lots of room and beds. one thing be ready for steep n deep and steeper n deeper. I ride with a bunch of really good riders, they all respect the back country. So we will have good guides to get us into areas you won't want to leave. talk to you soon
    Hey bri I tell you it's steep, deep and sometimes check my shorts scarey. I would say the stuff I ride now put my comfort level way up there. Also the guys I ride with have turbos, 163 and they all say don't follow him. So they get me into some hairy situations, but I follow. Just finished my AST1 today and I suggest if anyone plays in the backcountry this is the thing they SHOULD do, it sure opened my eyes to how dangerous it is out there. Hope to go riding up there mabey end of this month or sometime in March.
    just incase u want to watch this at anytime.
    Best Snowboard video EVER! 18+ - YouTube
    THANK YOU ..
    hey buddy thought I better add you as a friend or never get a hold of you. Just had about a foot in Trail in last two days, can't wait to go out.
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