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  • Hello Hadster,

    Any chance I could get a digital copy of the GPS track of the old railline from Horburg to Nordegg? I have seen a snapshot of the GPS track but a digital copy of the track would be great.
    Appreciate it. If you could email it to kiki34@shaw.ca

    Hey Hadster, how you feeling. Got a cost for you bike repairs yet.

    Hope all is well.

    (It's Chris, I was the one running the duct tape when you had a little mishap on the trail)
    Hey bud, so I thinking about buying a can am and since I know you love yours, I want your opinion. What is the best year to buy and when did the start using power steering? What yrs do I stay away from?
    Hey hadley a couple of us are doing a ride out at southfork on Saturday the 30th, if you would like to join.
    Hey Hadley'
    Whats new...If your going riding sometime let me know..........Getting Divorced ,,so i will have lots of time to kill
    Not too much riding this spring excpect a trip to B.C., my Polaris was broke down for a month or so with broken power steering, then later sold it and was without for another month getting my new ride. Right on with your new ride, are you coming to the campout this weekend?
    Hey man. How's it going. I've been away from here for a bit. Have you been out riding much. We bought a 2010 polaris ranger in april. Put on just over 600 miles this year so far.
    Cool..I was looking at the pics in your post,,,looks nice, it is a 800? ,probably won't see ya till the campout,,,Later
    Noticed you had your quad for sale. Sell it yet?? Did you buy another ?? How have things been ?? Busy spring ??
    Hey Hadley, hows thing's on the acreage? Have you been doing much quading out west? Going out Saturday with the grandsons and was wondering if you know if the cement tunnel at Saunders is unthawed yet. Got a thread out checking into

    Chambers to see how bad it is there. Don't really want a big mud day just a nice ride. We'll have to get together for a beer and a ride one day again.
    I was reading your post and was wondering where you staged for your ride. I am new to ATVing and that looked like it would be a good ride. I live in Red Deer and I am looking for local riding areas that are good for family rides. If you have any advice I would be happy to hear it. Thank you. Randy fatseabass@hotmail.com
    Hey dude how it going? Have you been out this season? My sled is still sitting in the shed just waiting to be started. Maybe this weekend. Have you been out quadding much in the last while?
    Hey Hadster we made the trip on sept 28 to nordegg jhad a blast stayed in nordegg thanks for the map. I fyou ever ned some to ride that trip with you let us know DALE

    yeah im pretty sure you saw me every time i went by your camp site we pretty much waved to eachother

    and know i got some 27" mudzillas cant wait to test them out
    you up for soem camping and quading on august 14-16? it friday-sunday
    hey i seen you at the camp out.
    that is a nice 850 you got there i was just wondering what tires are on it big horns or terra cross? and what size
    oh and BTW i was the kid on the blue brute force dont know if you saw me
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