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  • hey it's m8 pro hope you get better soon keep us updated on your recovery all the best to you
    Wow, sorry to hear esox..... My thoughts are with ya. I guess it could have been even worse, eh? You will have a bit of recovery time(i've been there), so be patient and listen to the docs! Hope the nurses are good to ya!!!! We'll keep in touch.
    Holy crap, esox......... I'm prayin' for ya, buddy. Keep in touch and i guess you got nothin' but healin' time now, eh? My back was blown apart in a bad car accident in '88 and hasn't been the same since. T10 and t11 vertebrae were blown apart, and they have naturally fused themselves together. Doctor said he could operate, but i had a 50/50 chance of walking again. I live with backpain 24/7, but get used to it...... Good luck, i know what you're goin' through..... What happened, and is the sled okay, and where'd it happen??????? C'mon, spill the beans!
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