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  • Sounds like its working well,the 3" might brought track speed down even further,it appears,that were both pretty much tracked out for the hp we got,hum turbo,or maybe just a shoot of juice when required?????!!!#@!#?????.Sounds like the snow was good,where were u riding,was the hcr trevs?Dropped mine off for its warranty serv.should get it back by tues,we leave early thurs am for trout lake area.hoping to head to blue in the middle of march somewhere,when u guys gunna go back?
    Black primary is stock correct??????, what year is your sled? I thought it was 09???? according to cat that engine loses power after 7850,its out of the torque band.The ho motors pull until 8150-8200 max power rpm. Depending on snow conditions i'll pull 38-45 mph,would like to see 45-50 all the time,it works good but appears I'm tracked out!
    hey Jason sounds like your happy with the track.Where were u out to ride?Our last trip in Val. was great<no carnage hahaha,I danced with a few trees,but all went well.Second day we went into Morn. Glory,trail was broke but no one had been in in a while,we blazed the fresh tracks,only saw maybe 8 other sleds,snow was deep,very forgiving tho,great base,easily to get unstuck.Next planned trip is to Trout Lake on the long weekend,staying at Halceon Hot springs. Still trying diff suspension set ups,changed the orange spring,put in the shift ass. update,gunna leave it at that till I get suspension dialed in.Have u dune any clutching yet?? Came to the conclusion not gunna get track speed I was hopeing for.You might have found the same with the 3".Depending on snow conditions of course,what is your track speed at? Have a safe trip this weekend,say hi to all,we should try to hook up for a ride,keep me posted.
    hey some dude is looking for a power claw track 153,user name is boydo,jus thinking maybe u got one????????????
    If you get all together an wanna go,pm me we'll geter together,have a trailer with room leaving on wed,they come back on sat,we leave thurs noonish an back sunday afternoon,my trailer is full but the box is waiting for the forth. Avy is very high still,but might settle by mid week!!!!!!!!! snow should be great.your more than welcome.
    If your sled is ready,r u still goin out? Snow should be deep Val an area is suppose to get more this week! Avy's are very high with the new snow,end uo playin in trees probably, theres still some room at cougar lodge if u want to join us!.Were thinking of Westridge on sat.
    I went yesterday to ask about the old exten. Josh wasn't there (bike show),I wonder how much their gunna pay me for it????????,is there a hyfax slider kit aval.??? Won't be able to find u in the snow hahahaha. So whens your next trip out & where. Were hittin the road thurs noon,hope some pow is still left,supposed to warm up a bit.Did u check on the larger cooler??? I think it was 150.00 and Echo gave me 75.00 for the orig. one. later gartho
    Hey, we're HTR a graphic design company specializing in custom sled and quad wraps. Just thought I'd say hello. Check out our wall and Facebook page for upcoming specials!
    Hope you're rippin it up this season!
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    Hey Jason if u want I could ask Echo if they still have the orig,tunnel extension that came off my sled,thats really all u need right?????then just move the cooler back with hose extensions , I bought the crossfire cooler for 75.00 at Echo
    Was your sled orig. 153????if so I think u can still ride it,might have to harness up the rear flap.I shortend them on both the 09 & 11,leaves lots or room & I thought they were tooo long in the first place. Powder coating??what shade u goin.The 174 is only a chore if u dig her in,otherwise it claws,just about ran over Jake following him up a hill, had to pull out & up,he got stuck I just kept goin,couldnt help but laugh,as he is the better rider,young fawker,gotta keep him workin hahaha.
    All done... shiny and clean. Looking for a new friend to go riding this weekend. Brant was pretty pumped. I'm already looking on Ebay for a 120cc sled.
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