Why some won’t buy an EV


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Oct 21, 2006
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Edmonton/Sherwood Park
April 10, 2024 by Adam Malik

Why some won’t buy an EV​

High initial costs, range anxiety and lack of charging options are keeping many away from considering buy an electric vehicle, a recent survey found.

A recent survey from Refused Car Finance found that 66 per cent of respondents in the U.K. are not considering an EV for their next car purchase. The survey noted a reluctance among drivers who do not currently own an electric vehicle to make the switch, despite the environmental and economic benefits touted by EV advocates.

While electric vehicles are lauded for their lower operational costs and positive environmental impact, these advantages have yet to sway a large segment of potential buyers. The cost factor is particularly significant, as EVs typically feature newer, pricier technology and are produced in smaller quantities, though options for financing and a growing second-hand market are available.

Range anxiety remains a prevalent concern, with 61 per cent of those surveyed worried about the electric range of EVs and the potential for spending more time recharging than driving. The survey indicated that many drivers estimate the average mileage capacity of an electric car in 2024 to be between 181 and 240 miles (291-386 km) — a figure close to the actual average of around 211 miles (340 km), although this can vary by make and model.

The availability of charging infrastructure is another hurdle. Despite there being over 53,000 charging points across the UK, drivers express doubts about their adequacy.

Among those surveyed who already own an EV, two-thirds expressed satisfaction with their purchase, citing low running costs, zero emissions and an enhanced driving experience as key benefits. These owners view traditional petrol and diesel vehicles as less appealing options.

Lem Lamb

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Apr 5, 2010
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Lacombe AB
And most ev owners whom own'ed 1 or 2 in their life time return too gas and diesel cars...
Some folks are still in the game but not as many as there were...

Repete consumers in the ev marketplace is very rare,,, ev sales are less then half in the usa,,, 80 to 87% in Canada due too the lack of charging facilities local and across our America's...

Canada is part of the America's you know...

Edmonton bought 44 ev buses on tax papers dime and 1 or 2 are running the rest are broke down... Company they bought them from has gone broke...

Tax payers are on the hook for just over $100 too $120 million ( if not more) """"all in""" with no warranty...

Very very little info on the web as the city trys too hide the actual losses...

A 40 year debt burden on tax payers i guess


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Oct 12, 2008
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Moyie B.C.
I could get by just fine with one of my vehicles being EV, but it's way too much money for a car I'd have to throw away in 10 years when the battery's are done. My diesel Beetle is long ago paid for, and will still be going strong at 55 mpg 10 years from now. I might not be though.
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