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    top posters

    Haven't been in this room for a while. I see it's been painted. Looks good!
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    Farmer talk

    And that surprises you...... Why?
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    Farmer talk

    Oh, you know. Lazy stuff. Hawaii. Hauling grain. Cleaning out bins. Nothing exciting.
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    What ways do you deal with frustration?

    I usually go for a drive, and crank the music.
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    My uneconomical boost

    How much for the 94?
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    College Stories???

    Went to bible school on a small island off of Van island a few years ago. A bunch of us farm boys were really bored the one night, and decided to make a noise maker. My one buddy lived 12 miles away, and his mom said that she could hear it. We were just having harmless fun. But they kicked...
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    College Stories???

    I got kicked out of school.
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    Sag in rear with two sleds on deck?

    I think he's trying to say that Bogger broke it.
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    Crack of the meat world

    Very true.
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    Random Acts of Kindness

    I did that too, but with an escalator.
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    Beat or meet.......for Fire on the Roof

    Ha! That's my name.
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    Peoples relationship with S&M

    Bahahaha! What?
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    Happy birthday.......

    Happy Birthday, Troy! May Bear spoil you on your special day. :D
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    Experienced Heavy Hauler Needed

    He was a highly experienced 23 year old with 5 years of driving experience, and the spelling skills of a 5 year old.
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