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    Is Trudeau's goose cooked?

    Please Please Please
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    1 Ton Duallys

    Lol- yeah great deal truck included! Camper is $75k new/truck $110k these days/ torque lift, super truss 5K. Buddies rig is $190k new...
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    Retaining Walls

    I think that would classify as a Geo-grid. Is it stretchy? Basically expands the load over a greater area. In lots of applications you can not get compaction to 96%. In this case an engineer would approve a geo-grid. You can buy or order all this stuff from Nilex
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    Retaining Walls

    FYI- that size of rock in the pictures is subject to spalling and shifting. Give it 8-10years
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    Retaining Walls

    Its not fabric its a geo-grid
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    1 Ton Duallys

    Ive' got a nice unit im selling at end of season. It's set-up perfectly. 2016 fully loaded Chevy High-country Dually. Airbags, torquelift quick draws, 20k supertruss. 30,000km 2017 Artic fox 1150 dry bath with slide out and satellite TV/internet PM me if interested.
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    Retaining Walls

    Ive run a super busy landscape company in CGY for 20 years, lots of experience. Your best bets are Stackable Iron stone, Pisa 2 or Allan block for your application. (Pisa 2 or Allan block is coming from Expocrete out of Acheson. II'm positive you could get an order through Home Hardware. All...
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    Retaining Walls

    that is some ugly stone!
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    Tell me your story … riding with a knee injury + custom made brace…

    Best advice is go to physio, get a trainer and do your workouts to strengthen those tendons and muscles to support that knee. Unfortunately without the surgery you will be susceptible to further injury like Miniscus tearing which eventually leads to you needing surgery.... I've went thru 2 acl...
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    Press ReLease : o ZoNE DaVe WoN the RaCE for the MaYoR of CalgarY !! Yes he WiLL !!

    Can't vote for a guy on a Cat.....i didn't even realize they still made those...
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    Bourne Glacier

    You won't get up the Perry at this time of year... If its fresh snow up on Puff-Puff Pass and you have never been it will be very difficult figuring out how to get to the base of the glacier....
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    Where to buy a skimmer?`

    No stock on toboggan hitch systems. Good luck. Mine broke. Spent 3-4days trying to find a replacement. Yes available in USA but 2-3 times local price and no guarantees on delivery... ended up just doing a mod....
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    Stocks to watch

    Buy stocks that analysts are rating buy/ strong buy...don’t stress, patience. Penny stock lots of guys recommend on here will steal your life savings!
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    Stocks to watch

    RBC direct investing is the worst platform I’ve archaic! I also use Investorsedge which is a million times better. Questrade is #1 rated... If anything make sure whoever you use isn’t ripping you off with fees. You should be able to get $6.99 trade from numerous platforms (size...
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