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  • Hi Kathy, this is Gary, just want to talk about some club stuff if thats cool. Had a very heated discussion with Ron last night ending in him telling me to F myself and storming out of clubhouse. Need to know sticking around is worth it. If you have time maybe we could chat?? Thanks. 250-837-1701
    Hey honey!! Itching for powder already!! Any news on the ladies ride yet? Wanna make sure I have it off this year FOR SURE :rant:
    Hey are they doing a rebuild of frisby or just fixing up the existing buildingon the same location? What was the cost for the boulder cabin if you dont mind me asking..... should have bought a membership out there this year.... spent more on trail passes than a membership.... not complaining..... way better for the club. My wife gave me crap about that in early Jan... Ha!!!! who knew.... BUT had a stellar year sledding the revy area
    Thanks Rich
    Kathy, Kathy, you little thread watcher you! lol anyhow how is the snow holding up at boulder to the first corner from parking lot?
    Hi, real itchy :) got my new sled on Tues. It should be the 1st wknd. in Mar. if all goes as planned. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
    Hey Girl!! Getting ichy for sledding season :eek:) Was wondering if you have any idea when the ladies ride is going to be this year?
    Hi there I was told you were the person to talk to regarding sledding in Revy! I was there this summer for the first time on a road trip and I cant wait to get back there for the sledding season. Whats the earliest you guys can get out for a good ride? Also I was wondering if i were to bring my family with me and stay at the glacier house resort if there was a whole lot for the kids to do while I was up in the hills. Thanks for your time and help, hope to see you on the hills someday!
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