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  • Aggressive Passive......A word describing somebody who is uncomfortable being openly amiable and kind, so they give more subtle hints to their goodwill while maintaining a disagreeable exterior.......Just sayin :)
    hey buddy pm me i need your help getting my avatar to move(he walks)i am not a computer guy..dont know what to!
    Hi Murminator, I posted a video in the tube called crazy brake noise. at 17 seconds you can hear the brak sound.
    the rest of the video is dumb so you dont have to watch it but let me know if you can think of any problem I may have on the grizz.
    Hey Murray I got a question?Since you tried to blow me up at outwest camping,,HAHAHAI was wondering if you ever had a problem on your Grizz .The 4wd light not turning off??Like it goes in and out of 4wd but the light won't turn off,It isn;t on my quad it is on Majors,I thought maybe you might have come across this,Thanks ,,Mike.
    Hey Murminator remember you told me that the heat kit for the grizzily was covered, well at first i had the Grizz at Riverside in St -albert for 1 week they told me oh yeah it ,s covered today i had a phone called they told me i had to pay 84 $ for some aluminum 2 side tape so i told them the hell with it and i called Alberta cycle they told Yes it,s covered and they are gotta installed the same kit they put on your bike Thank again for your help buddy! Machine
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