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    Added pipe raised clutch engagement 1000 rpm ?

    Anyone have an idea why adding a can to my 2000 Summit 700 raised the engagement from 4000 to 5000 rpm? With stock pipe it engages at 4000 on the button ..
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    Service manual

    I have one for 2000 Summit 700 .. Anything in particular you want ? I can send you a few pages of what you need
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    Whats with newer Dodge trucks with fog lights??

    My 09 Ram stock head lights suck on low beam ..SLT with the single bulb lights. The sports and up models have dual beam lights I believe .. I have to have my Driving lamps on to see more than 3 feet in front of the truck specially on the highway at night .
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    high idle

    Sure sounds like an air leak somewhere.. Warm up the engine spray some ether or carb cleaner around crank seals .. Carb boots ..check hoses to the DPM Manifold .. I had one come off and caused same high idle ..
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    Trade Quad for Alum Boat

    I have a 2006 King Quad 700 with like 50 hours ... I just put a 2 inch lift ...ITP SS212 wheels ... 28 inch Zillas ....VDI ECU ....HMF Performance Pipe...Uni 2 stage filter ...Coop 2mm shim clutch mod.. fender extensions ...all this has been done in last 2 weeks ...went for one little ride...
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    What Quad To Buy...

    No one mentioned the King Quad .. Mine has been very reliable .. Its heavily modified including a VDI .. Lift kit .. 28 inch mud tires .. And i dont baby it by any means .. The 2008 and up models have all the previous issues fixed .. And there cheap .. As far as Arctic Cats go .. I think there...
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    Any dealer stock pipes ..and efi controllers KQ700

    Does anyone know off hand if any dealer in Alberta who stocks slip on pipes and EFI controllers for Kingquad 700 .. Ive called all the big dealers .. Nadda thing in stock !!!
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    What Quad To Buy...

    Dont think you can really go wrong with any 2012 model .. I have a 06 Kingquad 700 very happy with it .. But if I were to buy a new one .. It would be a Brute 750 .. Or a slightly used Outy 800 .Like Stiffler mentioned that 700 motor in the Grizz is a very tough reliable power plant .. Maybe...
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    Hey Terry (King Quad parts) ...Im looking for the throttle assembly( 4x4 selector button locker...

    Hey Terry (King Quad parts) ...Im looking for the throttle assembly( 4x4 selector button locker etc) from right side handle bar ...throttle cable ...and the digital display ... if its green may want the plastic from the handle bar mounted head light ...already ordered a new display ..but is has...
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    any Kawasaki 750 Quad experts here

    I just went through this myself ...I thought I got all the water ...Im still finding it in some really hard spots to get out ...take all the controls on the bars off and check em for moisture... some WD40 - and seafoam in the fuel tank will help too ... one or the other will work fine ... Im...
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    Seafoam warning!!

    Just let anyone who wants to mess around with seafoam not get it on any of your plastic will eat it up pretty bad ... the one side of my quad has a dull faded crappy looking area from the stupid ass nozzle that comes with it ..fits so loose when you start spraying it blows out the...
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    Anyone Parting out a 700 KingQuad!!!!!

    Im in need of a few parts is a speed sensor ...and the other is a tiny little piece of brass inside the 4x4 selector button !! shoot me a message if you have any parts or know of any being parted out !!
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    KingQuad Digital gauge wanted!!

    Anyone have a wrecked or parting out Kingquad ...Im looking for the digital gauge display ... mine is fubared got wet. Shoot me a pm or email if you have one for sale.
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    If you were buying new? What would you buy?

    Well .. just got back from Edmonton ..quad shopping ..had it down to a 07 brute 650i ...900 kms ...and a 2007 King quad 700 with 700 kms was a hard choice ..the brute needed tie rod ends and a winch replacement ...the Kingquad was pretty much new condition I went with the KQ cuz of...
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    If you were buying new? What would you buy?

    Hey guys great site ...Im up in Fort Mac bought a Raptor couple months back what a mistake ..too much mud up here..anyways managed to get it sold ..and now Im looking for a 4x4 ..Looking for some intel on what I should buy ? Im looking at 2008 Brute 750 ...2007 Kingquad 700 ...Arctic Cat...
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