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  • Hey, we're HTR a graphic design company out of Castlegar BC. We specialize in sled and quad wraps. Just thought I'd say hello. Hope you're rippin it up this season!
    :) Christy
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    We had a couple good really good rides and tons of beer as well. We actually swamped in the creek behind camp not even in the river. We hopped in to it on the far end and it was about 4' deep in to the first corner.
    oh no way.....I don't think that made you too happy .I don't like my truck dirty ...thats what the quad is for..LOL
    Had a another guy figure the millage today .his numbers were 20 mpg.i must have screwed it up the first time.......Yours is real good.....
    Hey one last question,,,,Have you ever figured out your millage by hand ?I did mine today with the help of the old man.22.91 mpg.I just about fell over.last time i did it i got like 16maybe 17,on a good day,.I guess the mods are helping alot.
    Thanks for all your advice on the truck, hope fully we will have a drink someday
    Well i got her on tonight ,We have a 4 post hoist at work .It all came out in one piece.Sounds pretty good ,i think i will like it.
    Ya hopefully it is here in the next couple weeks.The intake made a big difference in pulling the trailer for sure.Going home(stettler) this weekend ,gonna have to check millage empty.What was wrong with your truck?I am not sure what a doughnut is HAHA.
    Hey JDM. How was the rest of your weekend out there? Get any good rides in? You missed us swamping our machines right behind camp on friday morning. It was a good time.
    Got the intake on..That is an amazing difference..Had to get the Gibson exhaust like yours,the Magnaflow only makes a system for a long box..have no idea why but,whatever,
    I put my progarmmer in ,,,Were you able to change your shift points and shift firmness with your tuner?The book said i could but the programmer didn't give me the chance,,maybe because it is a 6 speed H.D.???
    Ya i thought about the D -Max but I don't pull anything all winter and i drive 15 min. to work everyday ,,,so the diesel would be a pain in the ass for me,,,I would have to buy something to drive in the winter and it goes on and on.I am happy with the 6.0 l..It has no problem pulling the trailer through the mountains.
    I am at pretty well 2000.Thats with the stock tires 245's .The higher gears make a little diierence then
    What R.P.M. are you at @ 100 k?I am just under 2000.Gonna order a bully dog uploader/programmer with the intake and exhaust.
    How loud is your exhaust.I know it is hard to explain....But is it annoying when your pulling a trailer or making the truck work?I think you said your truckhas 3.73 gears ,mine has 4.10 so i probably won't get the millage you get ,but should be close
    O.K. thanks .I am getting the air intake and a cat back in a month or so ..Thanks Friend
    Hey ..I was wondering about how much difference you noticed in power on your truck when you put the air intake and the exhaust on.Gonna order k&N intake and magnaflow cat back .Thanks
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