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  • DAVE! Who knew you were on this site. You have a sled in your garage or just the mud machine and car?
    I was reading 1 of your post where you siad you have 6 years Ford diesel experience I have an 04 E 350 van with the 6.0 in it she has 180,000 miles i noticed a large amount of oil that came out of the coolant resivoir I am being told some bad stories of it being a head gasket there is no coolant in the oil and the van does not have 1 ounce of smoke there are no check engine lights on and absolutely no power loss I have read post about it being the oil cooler what is your opinion of my problem
    hey dave,its me Keith Barrett.
    It was my shop that got broken into.
    They used a jack to destroy my back door.
    didnt get anything,my wife caught the guy redhanded and chased him down with her blazer and he got stuck in deep snow with a bumper very close to him,lol
    Found out what my problem was with the rhino falling on its face, bottom of my air box was cracked, was half full of water. Also today at work I pulled the filter and had way more power. So I bought a jet kit and this week will be rejetting,.. ugh haha.

    Did Natalie get lots of pictures of the Sunday ride?
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