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  • Hey Deano, not sure if you remember looking at my orange M1000 last season or not. But I have a new toy now and could use an hour of your time to run me through some fuel, oil, and general maintenance on my new sled. Obviously you're hourly rate will apply, think I still have your number, maybe I should call instead. If ya get this though let md know what your schedule looks like. I'm still just outside Beaumont. Thanks man. Terry
    Hello Garth. I defineatly have a big bore program that works, why dont you give me a call 780 717 4314 and i would be more than happy to help you out.

    Hi Dean,reading some of the posts here,sounds like maybe u can help me out.I have 2011 m8,slight upgrades to suspenion,changed to Camo 174,ice age rails,big wheel kit,cross fire cooler,coil over shock / complete slp set up. I need more track speed,depending on conditions it pulls 39-46 mph. I'm not interested in a turbo system. (reliability). Thought about poss. a big bore kit??????? Whats your thought and are u interested in doing it for me? Reguards Garth
    Hi Dean,
    I have spoke with you last season about my modded 1998 mxz with a top end sputter if you remember,I installed 620 main jets in both carbs last season and the sputter disappeared. I want a good tune but i think im too rich even though my egts show ok. I am currently running half and half race fuel/premium. The previous owner said the last time he raced it he ran half and half with nos octane boost. He was running 480 main jets and had no issues. Do you think my problem lies in the fuel? If im pre-igniting or detonating will my egts be high? Should I try pure race fuel and put the 480s back in a retest? Any input would be helpful.
    Hi Dean, I think you may have just done some tuning and repair work on some friends of mines sleds. Corey Laughington and Brandy from Leduc. I may be wrong though, lol. I hear you are doing a 1200 kit to the '07 M1000 as well as a turbo, which is pretty cool. I was told to ask you if you knew anything about the mysterious low end bog in the '07's? I get it right after I get off the throttle then back on it. I am just my ecu diagnosed at Echo as we speak and am in the middle of my bdx airbox install. I am heading up to McBride on dec 10th so getting a ride in down here probably won't happen, so I was thinking if the bog is still there and if you have some time after we get a good dump (though I hear you're quite busy!) that you could get a lap in on mine and help me figure out what's going on. Figure a guy always needs a few beer and some extra money, and I definitely need some advice, lol. Also great work on Brandy's sled, it's the cleanest zx chassis I've probably ever seen!
    HI Deano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you lots! Hope all is well with you and the fam!

    As a matter of fact yes i do, i sell cutler turbos for what your looking at, my number here is 780 717 4314. Give me a shout, we would be more than happy to help you out.
    you got a website, or a phone #, saw you post somewhere and it seemed like you are a speed shop, or a guy that sells stuff out of his garage that knows stuff about turbos. will be a m8 in the of season and will turbo it. you got sell turbos?
    Hello Randy

    I use Mots heads on my ski doo mods. Toms heads imo are second to none. His increased cooling capacity(4 times over stock) with interchangeable domes really are hard to beat. I'll send you a pmm with some pricing
    Deano, My boy has an 07 xrs 159, we were going to install a 860 or 880 big bore kit in it this year, but financing is tight for the lad. So he was just thinking of installing a head and DJ's clutch kit for now. Any suggestions on a good head for his sled? All stock except a thing can. We ride Revy and Mcbride areas mainly.
    Thanks Randy.
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