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  • You don't look old enough to be workin for 18 years. I assumed you around 30 or so. I'll be 49 in a couple of months, gawd how time flies. I act 25 though so that helps, lol
    ok dan please put a rev limiter on emmas quad , and maybe a sticker "no water past here"
    Hey Dan! Thanks for takin on my water logged wolverine!!! I came across a lil puddle following Tex. Hehehe Appreciate it!!
    hi ,a friend of mine,neville said i should call you to see if i can get you to tune my 850 xp,i have a powercommander v and have just ordered the boss noss system for this something you can do and if so once the bike is finished can i come to reddeer to get this done and back to edmonton in one day or do you need the bike longer
    hey dan, wondering if you have a 800R cylinder in stock, and either stock rings, or if you have RKT pistons with rings around?
    hey dan can you wind up the power band in my sled it seems a little soft lately
    Hey Dan,
    We bought a 2007 PW 80 for Steven and it runs like crap. Do you have time to look at it for us? I thought it was just a jetting issue but can't seem to get it to clean up. I am at my wits end, and he just wants to ride. Let me know if you can have a peek at it it for us. Thanks Ruby.
    thanks for the response, i actually work at T&T Power Sports, with "ttpowersports". If there is any way i could just get the parts, that would be great.... perhaps a price??


    Just wondering if Idaho was still in the future ? Where should I come to order some paddles from you ??
    i was wondering do you sell universal teathers? if so do you have some in stock and are you open tomorrow? thanks
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