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    The Decal Shop in Edmonton
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    Large Avalanche in McBride - Renshaw Jan 29 - 17 involved - 5 Passed RIP

    RIP. Condolences to the friends and family, prayers to all involved.
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    goggles 509 brand

    worst set of goggles ever owned... brother tried them SUCKED Husband tried them SUCKED I tried them....SUCKED t-team reccommended Oakley air breaks to me.. AWESOME!
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    2015 Summit X 163/174 T3 Package Video

    Thanks so much for the video!! Gave me better understanding!!! Bring on the Snowchecks!!
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    Skidoo T3 package, now in black!

    Im pretty sure they are painted white...
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    2015 doo line up

    Maxwell I wont beat you up, you can leave your deposit with me.. (running away very fast before trent reads this and burries me under my desk.)
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    Ever eaten sugarless gummybears?? check out the reviews!!

    OMG I really just killed a hour at work reading the reviews... SOOO FUNNY.... Thanks for posting!
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    Are more sledders becoming idiots or are more idiots becoming sledders?

    I could care less about my Grammar. Maybe you should get a life and not go on Posts and try and start fights with people. lonely old man, gets high off being an ass..
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    Help Please.. Your opinion on ride area???

    WOW whodeanie that is cool!! I saved that link!! In regards to the post Nordegg has really nice trails, clean water, hills and camping! Always a blast when I go there!! If you go out by Boyle theres also tons of riding ( chump lake) water and camping!
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    first dealer service / last dealer service!

    Seems really high!! if its a new machine you should only need a light service after 50 hours which is just change fluids and clean air filter if needed! looks like they did a full service when wasn't needed!
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    2014 Yamaha UTV / ATV June Release

    I think that's what they are trying to do with the raptor.. But the renegade is amazing so they have a lot of work ahead of them.
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    2014 Yamaha UTV / ATV June Release

    I was told theres a new Raptor 700 with a 4X4 option
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    moose caught in swing...

    so happy the moose didnt get hurt! Amazing job from the ranger!!
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