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  • Hi Barnes, Wondering about the M113 avatar, I'm with 408 THS, wondering if you're based here too? I'm in search of a new beacon and yours is highly rated, if you still have it. I think there's a serious Canadian price gouge thing happening here though. My lawyer brother lives near Seattle and can get me one for $360USD, best price I've found delivered to Edmonton is $395Cdn. MEC, Alpenglow et al want $490Cdn for it but that is a truly absurd price. Not sure if you're military and if so willing to give a break to another such soul; that said would you take $400? If I add up the cost of getting to the Coast (kinda minimal actually, I'm there in Dec for Squamish sledding anyway) and tax and hassle and all that... I'm off to Borden tomorrow, back around the last week of Nov, but if the price is acceptable more or less, please let me know. Peter
    I didn't get your PM regarding the 2003 summit, the wife could not start the 670 we had but can start this one after warmed up. the pull starter is a bigger diameter.

    Chris 403-720-4011 home, cell 403-990-3514
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