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    do I need the oil injector

    Just bought this old sled last year runs fairly good but will run with quite a bit of smoke , when starting it for the first time this season If I crank it (manual ) 4 or more times it seems to flood the plugs with oil and have to be cleaned dried and restarted , fires really well after it initially fires and runs ,but it still smokes quite a bit , I checked the marks on the throttle cable end and seems to be within spec but I don't know for sure ,the top mark lines up with the mark on the shaft . what do I look for if I pull this off to inspect and is there something I can do to adjust , or maybe I should just pull it off and mix fuel for it , what do I do with the pump hole ....This sled is an older 1999 summit Hi-Mark 700....just joined the sight and love reading the forums , some really good answers out there....thanks for your help..

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