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    Re: The Food Chronicles

    This is today, from the "Top Posters" thread

    What I have prepared for tonight.

    Top Sirlion steaks, with pepper, Keg spice on one side, steak spice on the other, and a quick dash of, Himalayian pink salt. On the Q
    Fresh shrimp, in melted butter, fresh ground peppercorn, fresh pressed garlic, fresh diced dill, all to be pan seared.
    Spanish onions, with fresh white mushrooms, basil, parsley, oregano, fresh ground pepper, table pepper, ground garlic, and pan seared as well.
    Fresh french loaf, cut into serving size pieces, with a sprinkle of fresh cut dill, kosher salt and my own garlic aioli as a spread, to be done on the Q
    And the classic baked potato, on the Q. 45 minutes prior to grilling

    07 Panterra 110cc - Chick Magnet
    10 Iguana 800 155 - Pretty much stock

    I don't have a bucket list, I have a phuck it list and it's a few of pages long....


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    Re: The Food Chronicles

    Quote Originally Posted by Trashy View Post
    I just remembered this thread........ And now being a non smoker for 2.5 years, I have a new love for food and love to cook.
    I'll have to back read and try a few things here and will post what I have been doing
    Doug! If you ever need some recipes let me know. My new fav obsession is Japanese Curry.



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    Re: The Food Chronicles

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