Kicker PXi 50.2 sound system


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Oct 7, 2007
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Roma, Alberta
I've been researching sound systems to put in my Commander, wanted something small like a powered head unit that I could plug an mp3 player, phone, or sat radio into. found this cool little Kicker PXi 50.2 with a backlit, wired remote control panel that you can mount anywhere. it has a 50 watt amp (25w X2 @ 2ohm) with 2 or 4 speaker output and has pre outs in case you want to add more juice for a sub or additional speakers. if you are an Apple sheep this is right up your alley, it will charge your iphone or 4th gen ipod while it's connected. PXi50.2 | KICKER

So I scooped one from ebay, Ontario seller for 239 shipped. has anyone seen this in action, or better yet have one in their UTV?



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Apr 2, 2011
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Lloydminster, AB
Yessir, had the first one in Canada actually. The Kicker distributor is the same one that does JL Audio in Canada, and we are one of the largest JL dealers for them. We do a ton of Hogtune upgrades in bikes (mostly harleys), ssv upgrades, and custom UTV systems, and always use JL. That little Kicker system is better than deck amplification for sure, but it was really designed for the cruiser bike aftermarket segment. This is why they only have a couple 2 ohm speaker sizes from that series to go with that amplifier. If you are only hooking up the normal pair of 4 ohm speakers it will be 12.5w per channel. Of course adding another pair of 4 ohm speakers will make the amp make full power, but it will still be 12.5w per speaker, there will just be 4 of them. If you use a 2 ohm speaker it will make 25w each. It is better than deck power but wasn't enough power for most of the systems we do and we stuck with a 100w per channel JL that is only a little more $$.

Good little piece thou and a good price. Our customers are car audio guys we do work for so they expect a little more than the norm.
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