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    Kill Him

    Faulty tail light leads to stolen Polaris by Castanet Staff - Story: 51958 Jan 11, 2010 / 12:30 pm When travelling with a stolen vehicle, it pays to have working tail lights. Just before 5 p.m. Sunday, a pickup truck towing an enclosed cargo trailer was stopped on Highway 97A near the Swan...
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    Snow Melting

    I lost about ten inches at my place in Kamloops over the night and more today. Its not looking good for the next 7 days. So everybody be careful in the mountains
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    tragic news of death in kootenays

    Another one lost MAY HE REST IN PEACE my condolances to family an friends
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    house electrical questions

    Check out oldmanwinter he is an electrician just north of edmonton about 1/2 hr:d
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    tragic news of death in kootenays

    Search and rescue teams are scouring a remote area near Rossland, B.C., for the body of an Alberta man killed in an avalanche Monday. Rossland, B.C. View Larger Map Police say the avalanche was reported at approximately 3:30 p.m. PT in the Mount Mackie area. The man, in his early 30s, was...
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    tragic news of death in kootenays

    Snowmobile skier dies in B.C. avalanche Updated: Mon Jan. 04 2010 21:43:21 One person has died in an avalanche near Rossland, B.C., search and rescue officials have confirmed. Officials with Rossland Search and Rescue said they were unable to recover the victim late Monday due...
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    its been snowing in Kamloops since 430 this morning let it snow
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    Been here since 79 and love it except the price of land in BC. Come from Dorchester the out side if you know what I mean.
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    Dec 28 a day to remember............

    May all who have died RIP
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    Canadian Juniors

    It's in the bag:):):):):)
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    Newbie from Pritchard

    I am from Kamloops where did you move from
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    carbon fibre xp with m8 turbo engine

    How many poneys with that little HILLCLIMBER:rolleyes:
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    whats the scoop in BC on trucks and sleds ?

    I'm from Kamloops and there pricks here even if it is a 1 ton all rookie DOT and wanting to make a name and believe me they will find something and force you to go to scale once there it will cost money and something will stay there:mad:
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    Stock 1000 stock Turbo

    How are these sleds running for 2011?
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    Hello Dave

    Hello Dave
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