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    Just wanted to thank you again for getting me back on the hill. Sled worked flawless all weekend. Vis sucked but it snowed at least 3 feet in 2 days in the alpine. We rode the lower areas and had a riot. Thanks again Tim for hooking me up and anytime you need a hand or are looking for someone to go riding with don't hesitate to give me a shout. 780-903-1994
    hey timbo, any chance you could scan a page or two of the service manual for the 09 rmk with regards to steering post removal, my decided to break almost clear off down in golden this past weekend. im just curious as to what all has to come off, and if any tricks in the manual, thanks ( and if not,no worries ill just start ripping and tear come the weekend)
    hi Timbo, Where did you get you vents and what brand? looks like the ones I need for my 09 D8. What all do they send you for vents?
    kit worked good 500 miles on it. got a fuel controller for next season with the 08 fuel map and the 08 high comp head should rip!!!!!
    just under the edge of the rubber seal,all it does is hold the grease in you can pop it out with a small screw driver and it will pop back in
    haha okay i was worried, i dont beleive i stripped and thread bcuz i tried again and it worked fine after i ran the track forward for a couple secoonds, and yea i figured the guy was full of ch!t haha bcuz we took it off and there were no damn nipples!!, so just shoot the needle not through the rubber bout through the edge?
    never seen any grease nipples behind the secondary on the jackshaft.get the guy to show your buddy where they are,bet he can't find them!!! you can't open the secondary with the sled shut off in reverse the helix inside is locked in place and won't spread.I don't think you hurt anything inside,you would strip the threads first .
    so i was going to do it to my sled but had a brain faart forgot that i backed the sled into the garage last and i was trying to take the belt off and went to thead that pin into the secondary to spread it and it wouldnt thread, so after trying for a couple minutes i decided i didnt want to break anything and was going to call polaris tomorro, then i tohught to myslef maybe if i start it up and spin the track and try again, so i did and lone behold it workd, lol so ill grease it next weekend, u dont think i did any damage to anything by trying to thread that into there and it not going anywhere do you??? and also my buddy bought a 2009 assualt and the guy is trying to tell him there are two nipples behind the secondary that u grease not the bearing u told me about
    Use whatever you got in your gun.Just slide the needle in under the seal and give it a couple pumps,don't need much.
    alright i will do that, thanks for the help again timbo, do u kno exactly where i inject the grease like put the needle into on the jackshaft, and its just the polaris allseason greaase right?
    well i grease everything except the jackshaft, you think its a big deal orr.. i only got like 1200 miles
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