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  • :) Hey Hows things out your way! We want to make it out some weekend, not sure when though, but just wanted to pop a line and say hi!
    It was great meeting you Tanya, sorry we didn't get a chance to find you guys before we left on Sunday. Whitecourt is only an hour away from us so well have to get together sometime!!
    Hi Tanya. Good to hear from you. I'm looking forward to another hunt too, but first I'm looking forward to the quad trip in July. Tina is anxious too, she really enjoyed it last summer. See you guys soon.
    You were right...hmmm nice cough cough yellow!!! And I don't see a "profile" thing to click on, besides "customize profile" and all I can do there is font and headers...WHERE'S THE COLORS!!! lol I'm hopeless. Glad your coming down Friday!!
    You just joined and already you have made this page interesting!!! Pictures and colors...look at you go!!! I tried...and do anything with my page...just left me CONFUSED!!!
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