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  • Just got my new seat in the mail. peeled all stickers off my sled polished the tunnel . ordered D&D ypipe ,pipe and can should give me another 25 h.p. cold air intake for another 5hp, and a Genisis chip gives another 25hp. now I just need somone to give me another $400.00 cause I cant run any of that ch!t other then the chip without a Boondocker box.
    Nothing out there yet. I know its coming for sure cause I was talking to the senior Cat tech at red deer power sports he said they were building and testing when he was there 3 weeks ago but they were not allowed in the r and d section but it will be out next year. they said the new chassis is so sweet it makes the M series ride like a lumber wagon
    ya. you got a pic....its a red X..hahaha....im trying to find something on the 2012 chassis.
    new poo is sweet. still leaning toward cat tho. couple inchs of snow here and still coming down!!
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