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  • Hey, I see you have a few polaris left overs parts for sale, I have a 1994 XLT with some decent mill work done, I have had the seld for ever and dont want to part with it. Anyway, I have increased track size and length and rear suspension hight and now am having the trouble with the front end plowing through the snow, you know lift up the rear and the nose drops. So just a long shot, but wondering if you have heard of a fix to lift the front end up on an old polaris?
    sorry about not getting back to you i have not checked my ads lately but i sent you some pics
    hey see u have some 900 parts for sale, iam looking for a lower left a arm for an 06 and up. dragon what ever.. let me know if u can help me out. thanks vj
    Hey, Sorry for the late reply but I have not been on the site for a while. Anyway, I bought the 900 as a custom built ground up from Timbersled Products in Idaho. Timbersled Products I t has a 162x2.5 slp high altitude head. SLP pipe/can Timbersled intake timbersled front and rear suspension parts.(Fox floats. Boss seat, timbersled tunnel. SLp skis, and Timbersled o-ring chain drive system. Approx 450lbs dry. (+-) Out preforms my buddies piped Xp 163 skidoo. I love the torque of the 900. Pulls really well. Check out the web site. lots of weight saving products.. And the SLP engine mods work awesome. PIPE/Can/Head.
    Hi there I'm up on the edge of the Arctic Ocean until the 26th I am trying to get some pics sent to me then I will forward them to ya I think the trailer is 03 or 04 I'm not sure its not mine I put it in for my buddy Willis.
    yeah McBride is a great place to ride winter or summer where most of the pic were taken it hard to get to in winter
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