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  • hey man what lakes are the best to fish in richardson backcountry?
    any info would be great taken my boy up and dont want to disapoint..
    Hey looks like you mader home. We rode Golden on the way home and what a waist of time. Very cold and a freakin highway, tracked out real bad. See you on the next one.
    Hey i am heading to Revy this thurs, i will send you some pics as a little teaser. Less then a month i will be surfin donuts around you.
    Hey fag...

    Now I know what you were talking about..."Avatars"

    WTF is that all about?

    It's snowing in V-Town this morning!!

    Hey Scuba its Dale, hope you guys made it back safe, had a blast, when can you guys frrom up north get away again? I've got three rooms booked at the end of the month if you are interested.
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