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    Pm me a price for the xr
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    Anyone want a pint?
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    Over 30mi of range for the new gt. Hmmmm
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    I have ford rims with almost new 35" duratracs on kijiji for 2500 and have had numerous messages. Tires alone are 2g
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    Study compares electric vehicle charge costs vs. gas — and results were surprising

    I dunno. I was between a nice Tesla or a big Merc and I went with the GLE 63s. I did a good pull in Mexico the other day and literally watched the fuel gauge drop haha. Sucks at $1.80L but man does it sound good. Don't regret the decision at all
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    Neils power pipes

    I think Linderman has one down in the pass but he is probably equally as busy.
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    Alec Baldwin Movie Shooting

    "Back down or stop digging or we will hurt your family" Maybe something like that
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    Daylight savings vote

    Weird how that works when they use electronic voting machines
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    Daylight savings vote

    And, my dog hates the time change because he gets fed an hour later haha. That was a big one. He doesn't mind getting fed an hour early but isn't a fan of waiting longer
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    Daylight savings vote

    Yes for me. I hate working those 13 hour nights.
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    Conspiracy theory forum

    Have you seen fuel prices. It's awesome for my job in O&G but for the average Joe or Jolene, it makes it very expensive to get around. And then heat your house, and then all the trickle down costs affected by it.
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    Conspiracy theory forum

    The 500 ships sitting off the coast of California is gonna be the start of it
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    Artur Pawlowski should be the next senator representing Canada.

    Is he or is does he see this country slowly turning into what he left behind and is fighting that?
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    Barbecue Season(Show me your Supper)

    What model pitboss? There are a couple controller options out now that you can replace the original with and it makes it a whole new machine.
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    Conspiracy theory forum

    My thoughts are kind of the same. I think this is China starting a biological war. They are going to take over the world. They own or have a majority stake in most of our resources. They could drain us pretty easily. They also have a massive population over here
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