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  • Any plans for a June Snow and Mud ride? Lets try to fill the lodge for a last ride in the sun. I go in for op on the 21st June so before that I'm in after that depends on healing process.
    You have come highly recommended from the forums as a great guy and sled vacation guru. Could we get on a call to discuss options .... I plan to bring my son for a week sledding. We ride Valemount and McBride but looking for new hills to explore. We would come out for 3-5 days.


    Hey rene how are ya doing the boys from pincher creek are looking forward to getting back up to sicamous for another epic ride with you and the crew again hope to see ya soon looks like the conditions are just getting better and better up there
    hey bud how are things going, it looks like every one here is gearing up for this season.hope to see you more this year as last season was a bad one.chris just bought a 2010 m8 hcr i never thought he would go to the kitty cats .see you soon
    Heey, Thanx for the excelent way you showed us your area while we where there !! The flight home went ok, it just started snowing back home here as well. But only a few cm. as of for now, I sure hope for more in the coming days !!
    Take care, hope to see you again sometime soon !!
    hywhat is going on, your wife kick your ass yet? seroius snow here, your down south ch!t prob be stuck all day. call me i am coming down
    Hey bud. I hear that Jim's nytro kicked your ass! lol When are you getting an mc xpress turbo on that thing. Stu
    hey rene just A QUICK LINE TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE GEAR FOR CHRIS AND I .and if you have any klimb socks they would be appricated
    hey bud, sent ya an email............ get back to me asap if you can find me some MODS for my Nytro.
    Thx man!!!

    I went to the sled show on sunday as well . if I have an excess of sleds in bville and your place I have approched both dan and teracana ranch
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