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    Big horn dam closed to campers and OHV as of July 21 2021

    We were out at big horn camping and there is a lot of going’s on. Happening on the crown lands surrounding the dam. Today I was asked to leave our site down by the river on the lower level as they trans Alta are fencing off the area we have camped on since the mid 90s ..... sad day for sure. I...
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    Jason Kenney pissing everyone off?

    All insurance went up double digits....... commercial insurance harder one to take as work is sparse..... no park options with the outfit I’m with so that also hurts. but don’t worry they will model the Ontario insurance scheme and we will all hurt hard.... and get nothing but bigger bills...
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    50cc scooters adventure riding.

    Think I mentioned staying off marked hwys and only using back roads. Looking into legal county bylaws in the province. thanks for your response though.
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    50cc scooters adventure riding.

    Thanks that that would be a good first start.... I think it’s a good idea to ask on here because there are a ton of individuals with crazy knowledge..... maby some of that will really help. Cheers
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    50cc scooters adventure riding.

    So the boy is excited that in the spring, at the ripe old age of 14 he can venture out on a 50cc scooter on his own around town with a learners.....(Already got him a Yamaha BWS 50f). He has been watching YouTube videos and has gotten in his head that next summer he wants to do a little...
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    Toy hauler opinion

    I second the raptor..... but as I understand the older ones pre 2011 were better....
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    Shockwave T24FS

    Did you purchase yet....... we have a 2016 full load...... ours is the 24 fqmx. We are potentially trading ours this spring. They are a good trailer perfect for the dry camping quadding . 13.8” gets two full size quads in and the extra water is great for long weekends.
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    Can bad knees end riding?

    Not total knee replacement but still painfull. I had my left knee done in 2014 after blowing it out.... it cost a small fortune to pay for it yourself but worth it.... a year in planning and being on wait lists in Alberta. I couldn’t be happier to get it over with. ended up going to false...
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    New quad upgrade. From Honda. To a Yammi ! ..?

    So what’s the best price out there guys..... you know everyone wants to feel like they are getting a good deal...... right?
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    quading and random camping around whitecourt

    Windfall is not bad just don’t go on a long weekend...... few trails around but not a lot of riding for small kids quads ....... the old town site is about 1/5km past the bridge on your right. There is also a spot about 1/4 km past the bridge on your left. Depending where your coming from...
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    New quad upgrade. From Honda. To a Yammi ! ..?

    It’s time to upgrade been on a Honda most all my previous machines were..... still gonna keep the old rubicon’s for back up.... or a god ole friends and family machine. i was thinking about going to a Grizz 700 (686) the new 19s didn’t get an engine upgrade but the old power plants were a good...
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    New 2018 ram 2500/3500 diesel srw

    I know right..... I especially like the ones where the msrp price is lower but the listed prices is a grand more..... Internet sales teams at their best. now does anyone have a spare 90 k or so to spend on a new 2500 RAM
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    New 2018 ram 2500/3500 diesel srw

    Yeah I would be pretty happy with 15% off what I want to order.......m but the deals are on the 1500s and not on the HD. At this time. still looking but hard to swallow msrp prices!
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    New 2018 ram 2500/3500 diesel srw

    Thanks guys for all the input "........ to say the least it's not my strong suit dealing with car dealers, and it seems they are not liking to deal on factory orders either. Can't seem to get close to the 15k off sticker on the ordering. Been on the phone and email in and out of a few...
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    New 2018 ram 2500/3500 diesel srw

    Thanks guys been talkin a bit to dealers and they aren't willing to give much for incentives..... was looking at ordering , but again not much for price decrease still want low 80s out the door on all in pricing..... on a middle of the road Laramie. Would still like to hear others...
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