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    BLUE RIVER Conditions, Updates and Rad Stuff 2020/2021

    Rode Salmon today. Found really good snow near the back. Anyone lose a BRP key on the trail? I found one on the way down.
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    Broken back ribs

    I broke 3 ribs in my back 6 years ago. Pain was horrible for the first week. But it subsided quickly after that. I found sleeping on my back was best. Side put a lot of pressure on them.
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    I can't carry enough fuel.

    These sleds go a long way on Zero bars. A couple years ago I was Zero bars and fuel light on 5 K from renshaw cabin in headlight deep snow. I drove back to the cabin and was going to dump my Jerry in there, but decided not too cause I wanted to know how far the sled would make it on fuel...
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    Costco fuel

    There are a few near me as well. As far as I know none have diesel. Too bad cause there fuel is cheap.
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    Costco fuel

    That goes for every fuel station these days. Not like the old days with dedicated pumps.
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    Costco fuel

    Costco Has diesel? The one near me doesn't.
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    Costco fuel

    I'm pretty sure I have been told in the past it does not have ethanol. Not 100% sure on that.
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    Cougar Den Cabins

    Good service. But does that mean the cabins sat empty the last 2 years?
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    Skidoo 850 Clutch kits - Available soon

    What do you see for engagement rpm?
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    Skidoo 850 Clutch kits - Available soon

    Still have stock? Price?
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    China's new nuclear reactor. 10x hotter than the suns core.

    Nothing in china is under strict regulations.
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    2021 Skidoo 850 turbo reviews

    I have heard a few complaints now from overrevving on the 2021's. sounds like doo needs to do some more r and d on the turbo's.
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    Stuck in McBride lost dess key Help

    First accessory I bought for my sled was a spare key. I have never ridden without. I have also never needed it. But better to have and not need then need and not have.
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    Great news Edmonton!

    That's not surprising with his stupid spending. It would be nice if we could one day get rid of the tax and spend politicians who don't know the meaning of fiscal restraint.
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    Not sure what to think, would you try it?

    That is disgusting.
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