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  • give me a call and we will talk but we are working nights so it will have to be in the day on Thus. Are we still going to Valemount or mcbride?
    Hey bud...so you getting excited about the trip yet? i was looking at some pics they posted and its looking pretty good. We just have to watch out for rocks thats all. Whats the plan for getting everything loaded on the trailors this week?
    Hey Scott,
    Just dropping you a msg after talking with ya today. Keep in touch & we will get out riding soon.
    We went out on the May lake trail...its was awesome! Aaron Kennedy pretty much sunk his quad and John was stuck in the mud with the front of his quad up in a tree, hahaha got some good pics!
    Hey did you see the pics of the hill that were posted today...looks promising!! You missed a good quad ride today as well!!!
    Ive been messaging Kris but still never heard back from him yet...im not sure if he is going to be in or not but either way we are going anyways!! I got my leave pass in already and it should be signed off by next week.
    Hey buddy...you still in for our trip next month?? Hopefully there will be lots of snow down by then!! Keep you snow dance going buddy:)
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