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    Sled Deck Light Issue

    Flip Over Read Directions
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    Everyone prefers to go left?

    We are all rednecks and Nascar fans.... go fast n turn left.
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    Dzus fasteners

    Were you successful with GGR ?
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    Dzus fasteners

    Gee & Gee Racing in Leduc will have them in stock. 780-986-7223
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    Sled lift for stacking one on top of the other Where to buy.

    There's a used Pogolift on kijiji....
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    Whitecourt conditions

    Snocats have been out filling creeks but have not pulled the drags yet. They will be starting grooming on the south trails tomorrow.
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    Vegas - What to do, and Whatcha do???

    Group of us stayed at The D last spring for the World of Outlaws and Nascar weekend. Had a great time there and the hotel was really good - nice and clean, good staff, not too fancy but nice so us rednecks didn't feel out of place. Put in a couple good shifts at Hogs and Heifers down the...
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    TSN website shows Cup race starts at 11:30 tomorrow morning on TSN 5. Xfinity begins at 8 am on TSN 5 also.
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    Larson was robbed... second to the other Kyle again.
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    Whitecourt conditions

    Still great riding out there on the trails south of Whitecourt. Group of us rode from Groat Staging area to Tom Hill Tower cabin with a few detours off trail where we even managed to get a few machines stuck playing in the trees... 2-1/2' of snow in the bush still. We have snow in the forecast...
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    That's one classy Canadian ! Nice work DJ !
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    new trailer all aluminum or steel/alum

    Love my Legend 7 x 23. Pulls great. Fits 3 sleds with room for gear etc... I recommend contacting Firefly on the site for a price on a quality Legend trailer.
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    Pretty impressive Stewart Haas qualifying right there ! !
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    Another pat on the back for a great vendor on the site Paradis Motorsports

    Ron just completed a total re-skin of my trailer after hail damage last summer. What a great guy to deal with... made dropping off and picking up my trailer super easy and accomodating. He added a couple extras for me and did a top notch job. I highly recommend Ron for any trailer repairs -...
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