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  • Hi patti. Garth here just checking in We will be there next we'd nite about 9pm. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. Due to my allergies can u please make sure the old shack is aired out. Due we have to pay extra if candies sister wants to tag along??? How the conditions been ?? Has robin been out yet?
    Hello patti. Ken here. 5 or 6 of us are thinking about coming down on the 13 for one night. Got room? Thanks.
    Hello I am looking at booking something for March 21st to the 24th for 5 guys. We have never been there and not sure of accommodations. What do you have available and prices please. Prob best to contact me via email at
    Hi Patti, i am booked into the house on Jan 6th with 5 guys. we have another guy coming so i was wondering what the chances were of getting into the lodge instead. Not a big deal but thought I would check. Thanks Shawn

    you have room for 4 from Nov 29th to the 1st. leaving morning of the 2nd will arive late tuesday night leave early friday morning

    Ed Schreiner
    Hi Patti, Diggers buddy Shawn here. I was wondering if you had room for 3-4 guys from Dec 1 night to Dec 4 day? Thanks
    Hi patti,good god waaaay to cold this weekend,minus 28-32 here with no wind,howz it been there? okokok sooooo who's the other garth yuk yuk yuk!!! is the avy conditions high now,have y herd about anything cumin down????????????

    My name is Ben, I came and stayed at your little house 2 years ago with Jared. Last year we stayed in Valemount, but this year we want to come back to Blue River. Is your little house booked up for Xmas yet? I am thinking about Dec 21-24th or 25th. I cna't remember a whole lot about your house. two bedroom upstairs but was there a room in the basement as well? Please let me know.
    hey its clayton. im not sure if robin remembers me but i was the kid ridin the m1000. i made a vid of when we were riding there and its up on youtube. heck i can post here if you want. i named it Blue River to support the area.

    YouTube - Blue River
    Hello Patty. Hotshotharry [ken] here. Rollback Ricky wants to know if you are still interested in buying the shuffleboard that you and he had talked about. He is on holidays right now but he is back on Tuesday or Wed.if you want to call him. 780-865-5800 or call me at 780-865-4237.Thanks Ken.
    hi patty it's scott from stoughton sask how is the snow and i here it was raining or is it snow up top can't wait to come see ya soon robin said friday is the day off so i'am holding him that ride later.
    hi.. me and my buddies are coming up march 5th . just wondering how much fresh powder there is?
    hi there new to this site. is that fresh snow everywhere or did u have to go looking for it? we have never sledded in blue river and are headed there this weekend. where would you recommend to stay? thanx in advance
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