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  • Sorry dude I think I'm done as their already put away as work is getting in the way of playing, But we will ride next year just snow checked a new pro so should be a sweet year for picking through the trees and wrecking ch!t.
    Hey Kal u doing any spring sledding I'm headed up may long for sure again & maybe a day trip next weekend but no buddy wants to ride a little dirt to get up??!!!!
    Yeah i'm hoping to be some where after boxing day depending on snow we have rooms in Sicamous, but if there's no snow we are probably heading to Valemount. This will be the first trip with the new 3" so we are going to end up were ever the snow is if there is any. I believe there's 4 of us going so far how many are you heading up with and where are you thinking of riding ?
    Hey there, the Valemount clinic will be Feb.3-5. I am putting together the lodging right now where we all stay together. There is more info here Ride with Chris Brown Riding Clinics thanks,Chris
    I'm sorry to here that, but I will give you a shout for sure next time the wife lets me go. You'll love the new track!
    Just putting the turbo back together and hopefully going up to valemount on the 25th of Nov. My truck is full but your more than welcome to tag along if you want. Did you put a different track on the assault for powder?
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