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    Re: decks/enclosed,open trailers for snowmobiling

    I used to pull a 2 place trailer all the time and pu the buddy most days then finally clued in and thought wtf I'm his personal taxi. Then I bought a ramp and the sled rides in the back on my truck unless my son comes out then my 2-place open trailer works perfect. I also sled all the time around Fernie so my travel is very short

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    Re: decks/enclosed,open trailers for snowmobiling

    I did notice,last trip, that my trailer brakes weren't working. I better get them fixed before I have a big fiery wreck and kill a whole bus load of nuns.
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    Have travelled with up to 5 guys in one truck with deck/open trailer. Really hate hauling all our gear outside. Plus hauling sleds on an open trailer submits them to all the road grime,salt etc,no matter how well they're tarped.Max I will do now is 2 people with deck. Sleds stay relatively clean up on deck and gear can all stay warm and dry in back seat. Any more than that and we take enclosed. A lot of the sledding stuff stays in there year round and I just gotta hook up,throw some stuff inside and away we go.
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    Re: decks/enclosed,open trailers for snowmobiling

    I’ve owned 2 and 4 place open deck trailers, 5 decks, and two enclosed trailers (28’ heated and 19’ not heated), I prefer a deck, as the weight is on the truck, easier parking and access. That said, i don’t ride in larger groups these days, and often I ride areas that are difficult to stage from. So your needs/ group size may dictate a trailer. I also have a 1 ton with an 8’ box, the truck boss stays on the truck year round.
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