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    2013 RMK 800 Turbo 174 Part OUT!!

    Hey everyone, Parting out my 13 RMK, have proof of ownership. Sled has 2100Mi. and almost all parts are in great Shape. Since I just posted basicly everthing is available, will make a ''sold'' list as stuff sells!


    -Turbo is a Boondocker setup (Av Gas)... Has the Garett Gt2860RS Turbo (upgrade over regular GT2860) setup will include everything necessary to run this Turbo, Air to Air intercooler, Controller, Advance timming Key, Powder intake, Boondocker exhaust system, AFR guage, ect. $2500

    -Engine was inspected by Polaris recently,
    both Pistons and cylinder walls are good.
    Will do Comp. test and put up #s. $1700

    -A Arms all good shape, bottom $80/ea
    ones have bolts.

    - Also have 2 Brand new lower A Arms $150/ea
    inc. harware L&R

    -Shocks $150/ea

    -Side Panels (Fire n Ice) $300
    Left has a 2'' crack

    - Hood (Headlight delete) $250

    -Primary $300

    -Secondary $200

    -Track (174'' 2.5 Camoplast) $200
    1 lug missing

    -Ice Age rails 174'' (hyfax in great shape)$ 300

    - Tank and pump $150

    - Bumpers $50/ea

    - Fenders $80/ea

    - Drive Shaft $200

    - Brakes $150

    - Spindles $100/ea

    - Skis (carbides in great shape) $200

    - Extroverts (on shaft) $300

    - If theres something your interested in thats not on the list let me know as all parts are availble as of now!
    -I can be reached at 2502535610!

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