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    Tundra 550f eating snow/carb slides sticking

    Anyone dealt with a 550f getting snow in the airbox or the carb slide freezing open?

    Seems every time I get out in the cold, with fluffy snow, my carb slide freezes open and Iím kinda stuck at 1/3 throttle. Take the air box apart and thereís either a bit of snow or water droplets all in there. Pull the carb slide out from where itís stuck open and thereís ice on it.

    I put a new screen piece on the intake, think I do a good job of buttoning everything up. Anyone know of a problem area for snow getting in that I may be missing?

    Bought it used, likely sat outside for a year or 3 before I bought it. HATES starting in the cold too, first pull in the garage

    2012 tundra sport
    2018 Summit 850X 175
    2015 Summit 800X 174
    16 KTM 500EXC-R

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