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Thread: Hello!

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    Hello all! My name is Clair McCallum. i am from Mayerthorpe Ab. I ride a 2012 800 summit 163". we also have a 2008 800 summit 154". In the summer I ride a 2013 can-am commander. while bow hunting I ride a 2008 Grizzly. My wife rides a 2009 Grizzly, & my daughters ride a 2012 Kodiak. Thanks to Catmando for directing me to this site. Met him at my place of work. I purchased my 2012 on dec 1 from my brother in-law with 700km on it. brought it home. did the usual checks on it (knowing it hadnt been ridden much the past 2 years). every thing seemed to b in order & functioning as it should. took it to Renshaw for 2 days just before Christmas. it ran flawlessly. the next day, was performing well. went past the "saddle", over a mountain range. was pulling a mean slope. just as i was about to turn out, when... beep, beep, beep....... beep beep beep, "check engine", "check engine". we farted around w that frigin thing for close to 3hrs! it would start, but would b only in limp mode. the manual was a total waste o time. we were moments away from leaving it there. to make a long story short. ended up towing it out 40km. got it home. took it to ecko marine in alberta beach. they said the battery was not holding a charge. & it needed an "update" to the computer. so, they replaced the battery, & updated the computer. $180 for the battery. & they charged me $35 for this update. So, it seems to me if my machine needs an up date, why do i have to pay for this? if my car or truck needs an update, I take it in & its covered! if my IPhone needs an update, Im not charged for it! If this the norm, thats fine. just seems this should be on BRP, not me. seems fishy to me. Any feed back would b appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Hello!

    Howdy and welcome

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    Re: Hello!

    Ride hard... Ride steep... Ride Safe.
    I've got to much invested in the Max thread. I need to diversify.
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    Re: Hello!

    Metals Repairable
    Plastics Replacable
    & Pain Heals

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    Re: Hello!

    Hi and Welcome.

    Is this labor costs plus a soft ware update fee? Charging for the software is sketchy.

    Or is the 35$ the labor fee for the shops technician for a 1/2 hour labour?

    BRP is not likely reimbursing that dealer for there time to install that update.

    Unfortunately manufacturers have occasionally not made a major commitment to stand behind their products that may even still be under warranty, Yet a 2012. At 35$ the dealer is lucky if they covering costs of the time of the service Technician employee.

    With you vehicle: If itís a ďsafetyĒ recall it will be no charge.

    But they will charge more than 35$ to even hook it up to the diagnostic machine, before repair costs.

    I truly just hope they actually solved your issues and itís not all bull shat fees! Sometimes the intermittent computer or electrical issues cause people some serious frustrations.

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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to snow and mud

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