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Thread: Xtp or xmr

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    Xtp or xmr

    Well my quads got stole so now what to buy? Xtp 1k and sepend money on it or just get the xmr. Typical alberta riding mud rocks sceg hills snow etc
    2017 outlander xmr 1000,30 mud evils,rox riser,elka stage 3, Rjwc dual exhaust,tune monster ,tiger tail,torq locker,

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    Re: Xtp or xmr

    That sucks - hate theives.

    Hard to say, depends on your riding style. I guess you are considering the Outlander XMR.
    If go with the XTP you get the shorty chassis with the 1000 motor, beadlock wheels and holeshot tires. If you do any mud riding you are gonna want to snorkel it and possibly rack the rad and upgrade the tires.

    The XMR 1000 gets the long chassis and rad relocate and snorkels. Not a fan of silverbacks and no beadlocks standard. But you get the gear reduction in the tranny.

    Another option is the 850 XMR which would give you the shorty chassis. Or the renegade 1000 XMR which is $$$$. All should have the QE disco-lok 4WD which is a bit better than the old style but still not as good as a halo locker.

    Decisions, decisions lol.

    Either way you go both are good bikes. For the best performance you gonna want to dump the stock clutching and get a QSC or STM setup.
    Also been hearing lots of issues with heat on the new 1000's melting plastics. They leaning these things out pretty far these days for the EPA.
    Sorry cant be of much help - check out Can AM forums, lots of good info there.
    How much cheaper is the XTP over the XMR?
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    Xtp or xmr

    Silverbacks have been great on my Maverick

    It rough under 20 km /hr
    Bead locks are great
    I know of a few Xmr bikes and they have been happy.
    Visco sucks imo
    Nice to have rad moved and snorkels
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    Re: Xtp or xmr

    I had the same dilemma, i bought the xmr 850. I bought the brp accessory shocks and a second set of wheels and tires for winter riding and non mud trips. the stock xmr shocks are very short travel and stiff. the accessory shocks are the same as the stock renegade shocks.Have the best of both worlds and about the same price as the xtp.
    2015 RZR XP 1000
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    Re: Xtp or xmr

    wrong thread.... deleted comments.
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    Re: Xtp or xmr

    Again, it depends on your riding style. For me since i'm a high speed trail rider, who likes to put on as many KMs i can in a day. And rarely see mud on the trails i ride. If your like that then xtp all the way.

    And you can't beat Can am's package pricing, like if you were to add it on later. For example on the Xtp, it cost $1700 dollers over the XT. but just the shocks alone would cost you over $2300 to add later.
    And the Fox podiums on the XMR 1000's are not the same as on the XTPs and xxc's. There short stroked versions of the originals, so XMR's ride like **** over 30/kmh. and i believe all 2016s and up now share the same L gear, just H is lower on the XMR's. And don't forget the bigger rear diff the XMR's come with, if you run over 30'' tires. If you choose a Xtp try to find a left over 2016 as they down graded the shocks on the 2017's to Qs3s over the RC2s...
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