Winter ATV Riding


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Sep 19, 2008
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As it turns out, I have no interest in ATV riding (I do ride off-road motorcycles), but there is some interest in locating places where you could ride an ATV in the winter. I know of only one place in Alberta where you might be able to get away with this, and that is the Redwater Recreational area-a bit east of Redwater. I have ridden my snowmobile there in the winter, and motorcycle in the summer months.
However, there is a very LARGE area where they have winter ATV trails, and that is in Quebec. My guess is that there is over 10,000 km (that is TEN THOUSAND) of ATV trails, and a lot of them are open in the winter months. When snowmobiling in Quebec, I would notice the ATV trails, in some cases parallel to the snowmobile trails. In general, the ATV trail system is separate from the snowmobile trail system. I do have a provincial map which shows the ATV trails-which is in French only.
For information, you might look at

Unfortunately, this page is in French only, with no English version.
As a side note, you might also look at

This is about snowmobiling in Quebec, which has some very good trails, and actually some mountain riding (There are more mountains in Quebec than you would think).


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Dec 11, 2015
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We atv all year aswel but prefer sledding,you just have to know where to atv in winter cause the snow can be too deap and a
2 km/hr struggle
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