TSS (Throttle Safety Switch) Bypass


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Nov 8, 2006
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If you aren't familiar with these, they are handy to have for several reasons:
- For testing (ruling out a TSS sensor issue)
- To override the sensor in the throttle block. Example is in case of an emergency in the field. If your throttle block is damaged, this will allow you to override the sensor and get back to the truck.
- Override for running an aftermarket throttle block that does not support the factory TSS sensor. If the TSS bypass is used, a tether needs to be installed for your safety. I highly recommend installing a tether regardless.
- The bypass works on both the older Pro's and the Axys Pro

Good insurance that could save you a long tow out from the boondocks.

One available priced at $25 CDN. plus shipping if applicable.
PM if interested.
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