Trying to picking out a casting rod.


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May 4, 2013
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On my list of stuff to by is a fly rod. Want to learn to do it pretty bad. See lots of areas with the jet boat that fly fishing would be nice.

I highly recommend it, at first most people can get frustrated, but if you can get past that initial learning curve you will find your self wanting to do nothing more but flyfish and you won't be using your other gear much.
Don't get me wrong i enjoy a day out on the boat with the big gear and rigging trolling the depth for that unseen monster but there is nothing like working a flyrod along the shore line of a stream and hooking into a Steel head a Rainbow or a Salmon, let the fun begin.
You need to really appreciate nature in this style of fishing, as its you and mother nature, knowing what hatch is on and the bugs that they are feeding on. Wet or dry, depending on time of day and time of year. Reading your surroundings and the water takes time to learn.
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