TCSC - MINISTIK North GROOMED - Feb 5, 2022

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Dec 30, 2006
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First TCSC and its members wish to thank TREVOR SHAREK of UFA Bulk Fuel in Camrose for sponsoring/donating this years GROOMER FUEL. This is not cheap TCSC burns a lot of fuel in the groomer a year.(When we have snow - haha)
Which included, Clearing both parking lots twice (total 12 hours), grooming the trails (41 hours)
So THANKS -- TREVOR we all appreciate your help and sponsorship.

Well with 6 days of rain through out January we have not been able to groom the Ministik trails.
When the trails turn to ice from rain we need a good 4"-6" of fresh snow to mix with the ice chunks the drag makes when grinding out the trail humps.
We did not get any new snow until February 5 and only 3" of snow.
But that is the best new snow in the forecast so we groomed the trails from 3:00pm until 2:30am.
I was surprised that that little snow did mix well and gave a relatively smooth trail - We ground all the humps out - so it is nice and smooth now
There are still skid marks the chunks if ice made under the drag but that is the best we can do under these minimal conditions
There is lots of snow on the trails and most trails are shaded by the trees, so i think the trails will hold up well in this warm weather.
So we groomed the north, crossed the gravel road to Oliver Lake, to Joe Lake, down the pipeline and back, grooming both directions
Have a great ride

TCSC - Trail Maintenance Crew


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